The medication debate.

Every medication has side effects. Not just meds associated with ill mental health.

Taking medication for your ill mental health is totally up to the individual. Some refuse to take meds because they have heard negative things about them, some fear it and some believe you can be addicted to it.

Some people take medication because nothing else has worked, because they are not coping and want to get on with their life or because their mental health is so poor they cannot access therapy or live a good quality of life.

I’m an advocate for choice; it is your decision to accept or decline medication. It is your body and your mind therefore your choice (unless that is taken away from you in extreme circumstances).

Taking medication for mental health issue can be quite complex. It is not always as simple as taking one and feeling better. You may need to try more than one to find something that works for you. Side effects do not affect all and do not affect all in the same way.

There is no one answer for how to deal with side effects. In essence you just have to remember the effects will pass.

What are your experiences with medication?


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