A setback can set me back

Anxiety breeds sensitivity. Heightened sensitivity.

A situational setback or undesired situation can make you feel like the whole world is against you and nothing ever goes right. Like you never get what you want in life. Its difficult to rise above that mindset when you have been hurt. That makes it two things you have to deal with including the situation itself.

I find myself having to deal with anxiety first, then the situation. Its hard. I feel like I have to control my feelings to prevent them spiralling out of control and causing a relapse. I do not want to be in a hole again.

Frequent thoughts such as –

‘how will I cope now?’,

‘my anxiety level is rising’,

‘what can I do to fix this?’,

‘how can I get rid of this anxiety?’,

‘I cant deal with this!’

And about 23345753 more thoughts.

The feeling of being out of control is what sparks this off for me. In that moment I’d probably sell my soul to the devil if it took away the anxiety and reverted everything back to the way it was. But of course that’s not an option.

As always you’ve got to ride the wave.


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